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National Prevention Week takes place 

May 17–23, 2015 

Near the kickoff of summer, this is an ideal time for communities to come together and rally around prevention. National Prevention Week is also timed to allow schools to take part in a prevention-themed event before the school year ends, raising awareness among students of all ages.

The National Prevention Week 2015 theme is “The Voice of One, the Power of All.” This theme highlights the important role that individuals and communities alike have in helping people lead healthy, productive lives.

Six of the seven days during National Prevention Week have a suggested health topic that organizations and coalitions can use to guide the focus of community events:

Prevention of Tobacco Use - (Monday, May 18)

Prevention of Underage Drinking & Alcohol Abuse -

(Tuesday, May 19)

Prevention of Opioid & Prescription Drug Abuse -

(Wednesday, May 20)

Prevention of Illicit Drug Use & Youth Marijuana Use -

(Thursday, May 21) 

Prevention of Suicide - (Friday, May 22)

Promotion of Mental Health & Wellness - (Saturday, May 23)

Organizations can plan events around one or all topics!

MAY is National Mental Health 

Awareness Month 

It’s time to tell everyone dealing with a mental health issue that they are not alone, and that getting support 

is not a sign of weakness, 

it’s a sign of strength!

National Mental Health Month raises awareness about mental illness and related issues in the United States. In recent times, attitudes towards mental health issues appear to be changing. Negative attitudes and stigma associated with mental health have reduced and there has been growing acceptance towards mental health issues and support for people with them.

Despite this shift in attitude, the idea of a mental health awareness campaign is not a recent one. In the late 1940's, the first National Mental Health Awareness Week was launched in the United States.During the 1960's, this annual, weekly campaign was upgraded to a monthly one with May the designated month.

During this month, National Health America, the main organization which sponsors this event, run a number of activities which are often based on a theme. In 2010, the theme was 'Live Your Life Well'. 'Live Your Life Well' encouraged people to take responsibility for the prevention of mental health issues during times of personal challenge and stress. Many mental health problems can be avoided by taking positive lifestyle choices in how we act and think before they can manifest.

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness month, Other mental health campaigns & activities also run during this month. 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration www.samhsa.govNational Alliance on Mental Health  Mental Health                                 Community for Teens & Young Adults  

WESU radio interview by CASAC friend Helen Evard of Executive Director Tom Steen was recently aired.
Please click the link below to listen.

Here are the details:

Episode: Mind Matters - Regional Action Councils
 We speak with Tom Steen, Executive Director of one of Connecticut's 13 RACs, public/private partnerships tasked with gathering information and conducting prevention strategies across the state.  The proposed 2015 budget threatens their valuable work.

Show: Mind Matters
 Mind Matters, hosted by Dr. Helen Evrard, brings you information on issues relating to the brain diseases known as mental illness.  Guests discuss holistic or alternative approaches, or may share their own stories of personal healing and achievement.  


If you think you or someone your care about may have a gambling problem, click here for help.